GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0 works with Oracle 9i to provide users a secure multi-user environment.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0, a long term transaction versioning, and temporal data management software solution that provides a true enterprise approach to managing spatial information. GeoMedia Transaction Manager 5.0 is built on industry-proven GeoMedia architecture to provide an open and flexible environment for workflow and command customization for a single department or an entire enterprise.

Integrating GeoMedia with the latest release of Oracle 9i through Oracle Spatial and the Oracle Workspace Manager feature of the Oracle database, GeoMedia Transaction Manager provides an efficient multi-user working environment. GeoMedia's robust technology leverages Oracle Spatial and Oracle's Workspace Manager functionality, to enable multiple users to access and update Oracle data while managing historical spatial data and safeguarding the integrity and validity of valuable enterprise geospatial information.

Key features of GeoMedia Transaction Manager effectively manage long term transactions for organizations such as land information management, mapping, and transportation agencies that build and maintain data models within or across departments. GeoMedia Transaction Manager capabilities include just-in-time locking; change management; project collaboration; and temporal data capture, query, and visualization.

  • GeoMedia Transaction Manager's just-in-time locking allows a user to lock records at the time of the edit instead of requiring a pre-extract processing step. Multiple users can work on projects in the same geographic area since features are not artificially locked just because of their proximity to a project area.
  • With GeoMedia Transaction Manager, data is edited in a controlled environment. Changed data is versioned and persisted in the database as an amendment, creating a database time continuum. An organization can retain a sense of geographic evolution that paper map repositories provide only in hardcopy.
  • Another key capability of GeoMedia Transaction Manager, multi-user project collaboration, enables project team members from multiple departments to see changes made by other users during design and editing sessions. Changes can be compared and viewed before they are committed to the data model.
  • GeoMedia Transaction Manager's temporal data capture, query, and visualization capabilities enable a user to create a view of how a specific feature changed on a given date or to see how the feature appeared at a previous time. The user can examine changes and their possible causes and effects more efficiently than in the past.