NavCom Technology Unveils Three New RTK Products

NavCom Technology Inc. announced the addition of three new Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) products to its product line of high-quality, high-accuracy, high-performance GPS instruments; the RT-3010S, the RT-3020S and the RT-3020M.

The RT-3010S is a full survey quality RTK GPS sensor, enabling instantaneous on-the-fly (OTF) initialization within one to two epochs, delivering reliable centimeter level RTK accuracy in typically less than 10 seconds with greater than 99.9% confidence. The RT-3010S can be configured as the base or rover in an RTK system. The receiver can use NCT’s own binary format for maximum efficiency but is also fully compatible with other industry standard RTK formats such as RTCM and CMR. The standard package includes a built in spread spectrum radio for communications between units, however, it can use an external radio if preferred.

The RT-3010S is designed as a complete fully integrated standard 5/8” survey mount package that the user can mount on a tripod or survey pole, connect their handheld display and begin surveying. It is housed in a fully waterproof mechanically rugged package designed to withstand a 2m-pole drop. It also offers ultimate flexibility for field operations operating for over 8 hours on a single battery charge. Plus, the batteries can be “hot swapped” for extended operation or it can be operated directly from an external power supply.

The related products, the RT-3020S and the RT-3020M, provide the same innovative RTK GPS technology but are designed for use in either a backpack configuration or for vehicle-mounted machine control applications.