New evaluation versions of Blue Marble Geographics leading software products including the Geographic Calculator and the Geographic Transformer now offer free coordinate conversions and raster image transformations.

Blue Marble Geographics has released new evaluation versions of two of their top selling products that allow users to experience complete interactive functionality.

The world's leading coordinate conversion tool - The Geographic Calculator - now offers free conversions and full functionality in the new evaluation version. The evaluation version will allow users to perform 12 interactive coordinate conversions using their own data - and all functions within the interactive tab are fully operational. Users can now see for themselves, just how indispensable the leading coordinate conversion software tool is.

To download the new evaluation version of the Geographic Calculator 5.0 and perform your own coordinate conversions, go to

The top selling image transformation tool - The Geographic Transformer - now offers free image transformations and reprojections in the evaluation version. Users can import their own raster image to georeference and reproject them for evaluation - establishing image to world relationships quickly. As the raster market explodes and raster images become more prevalent in GIS projects, the need to reproject those images into the appropriate coordinate system becomes increasingly important - the Geographic Transformer solves this issue quickly and accurately.