Latest decode software development kit provides key enhancements for integrating and viewing MrSID imagery.

LizardTech Inc. announced the latest version of its MrSID Decode Software Development Kit (D-SDK). Designed for partners, software developers and system integrators who demand extreme image quality in a portable format, the MrSID 3.1 D-SDK is a toolkit that enables viewing and manipulating next generation MrSID imagery files natively inside third-party applications. MrSID decode SDKs are used by all of the major GIS software vendors to extend the benefits of GIS software for their customers. Key enhancements for the MrSID 3.1 D-SDK include support for viewing next-generation MrSID image files that support lossless encoding, unlimited file sizes, dramatic performance gains and JPEG2000 support.

LizardTech's MrSID 3.1 D-SDK has been optimized to ensure ease of implementation and robustness for integrators of MrSID technology. LizardTech's MrSID is the leading image format and technology that has direct support from every major GIS software vendor. MrSID is a wavelet-based imaging technology that reduces high-resolution images to less than five percent of their original file size while maintaining original image quality. This enables real-time viewing of massive imagery in conjunction with popular GIS software packages and platforms.

Improvements in the MrSID 3.1 D-SDK include enhanced support for 16-bit imagery and viewing of next-generation MrSID imagery (available as an encoding product in 2002). Updates also include better image statistics capture in the MrSID metadata, enhanced decoding capabilities of CMYK image types, enhanced static libraries and more robust developer documentation throughout.