Trimble introduced new field software that offers increased compatibility and integration between Trimble GPS, total stations and office software—Trimble Survey Pro. The software is based on Tripod Data Systems’ (TDS) Survey Pro and is designed specifically to support Trimble’s GPS Total Stations. Trimble Survey Pro is another new addition to the Trimble Toolboxof Integrated Surveying solutions.

The announcement was made at the Spring 2002 Conference of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), an international organization of surveyors, cartographers, geodesists and other spatial data information professionals working in both public and private sectors throughout the world.

Trimble Survey Pro runs on the Trimble TSCe Controller and interfaces with Trimble’s GPS Total Station as well as a wide range of total station surveying instruments available on the market today. It includes all of the original functions of TDS Survey Pro, including the extensive TDS coordinate geometry (COGO) functions. Support of GPS surveying has been expanded in Trimble Survey Pro to include Site Calibration and Ground Coordinates.

Trimble Survey Pro produces raw data records suitable for import into office packages such as Trimble Geomatics Office software. Using Trimble Survey Pro, data from Trimble GPS survey systems is seamlessly transferred and combined in Trimble office software with data from a wide range of available total stations and digital levels.

The combination of the TDS industry standard field computing interface, with Trimble’s GPS and Office Software solutions delivers a powerful total solution for any TDS user. Trimble Survey Pro is easy for any surveyor to learn whether they be more familiar with TDS or Trimble systems. It is especially ideal for TDS Survey Pro users who are looking to invest in a GPS measurement system.

Trimble Survey Pro is expected to be available in May 2002 through Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division dealer network.