First-of-its-kind Web portal access to U.S. military and infrastructure information.

GeoDecisions and IntelliWhere have teamed to deliver a logistics solution to assist in the real-time deployment of military and emergency personnel for the Military Traffic Management Command, Transportation Engineering Agency (MTMCTEA), based in Newport News, Virginia. GeoDecisions is developing an advanced Intelligent Road & Rail Information Server (IRRIS) that is built using IntelliWhere products - IntelliWhere LocationServer, IntelliWhere OnDemand, and a soon-to-be-announced IntelliWhere tracking product. IRRIS will supply personnel with timely information for mission-critical decision support during situations such as deploying troops in the event of a national emergency. With its pre-defined road conditions and traffic and weather parameters, IRRIS can support homeland security planning in activities such as the creation of evacuation routes and providing a common operating picture for emergency responders.

IRRIS is designed for ease of use and supports a Web portal model for MTMCTEA to access infrastructure information, render maps, conduct analyses, and generate reports. IRRIS uses IntelliWhere LocationServer, an XML-based server product, as a location-based services (LBS) development platform to support Web and wireless requirements of the MTMCTEA project.

IRRIS also includes a secure fleet management subsystem that will use the IntelliWhere tracking product, enabling authorized users to track military assets such as convoys, personnel, and freight. Also part of the subsystem, IntelliWhere OnDemand is a vector-based mapping software product for personal digital assistant (PDA) devices that provides occasionally connected capabilities. The IntelliWhere OnDemand product enables data capture in the field while effortlessly linking the information back to the enterprise information system.

The IRRIS application will be featured at GeoSpatial World 2002, June 10-12, in Atlanta, Georgia. A presentation by Marc Barthello, a highway engineer at MTMCTEA, and Jonathan Pollack, vice president of advanced technologies at GeoDecisions, will be given on Wednesday, June 12, at 10 a.m. For more information about this presentation and GeoSpatial World visit IntelliWhere product information is available at