Industry-specific tools provide intuitive creation and maintenance of water and wastewater networks.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced the worldwide availability of GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager 5.0, software designed specifically for local government public works departments as they create and maintain the infrastructure network of water and wastewater systems. GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager 5.0, built as an add-on to Intergraph's GeoMedia Professional 5.0, offers industry-specific tools to manage the input and maintenance of water and wastewater systems. The new software release takes full advantage of platform advances in GeoMedia Professional 5.0 to deliver productivity gains for collecting and modifying data and speeding implementation of GIS databases.

Intergraph's GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager broadens the data capture, placement, and editing tools of the state-of-the-art GeoMedia technology with intelligent functionality to increase productivity in the day-to-day activities of public works professionals. The industry-specific module provides the ability to build, maintain, and validate linear-connected networks using advanced feature modeling and rules-based digitizing. For example, users define the digitizing behavior and validation rules applicable to all fittings when creating a feature model. Once the feature model is defined, operators can input, edit, and validate data more quickly and easily.

Additional GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager technologies are designed to promote efficient public works workflows and include:

  • Superior network tracing tools allow visualization of water flow to determine areas affected by network problems and facilitate tasks such as finding open valves in the water distribution system, isolating water main breaks, or even locating areas harmed in the sewer system after a toxic spill.
  • Unparalleled dimensioning capabilities enable operators to place CAD-like dimensions in GIS workflows.
  • Smart feature placement and editing tools provide faster and more accurate data input and revisions.
  • Advanced network validation technologies locate features that violate predefined rules either automatically or in a "rules-off" mode for operator convenience.

With GeoMedia technology that supports open architecture and open data structures at its foundation, GeoMedia PublicWorks allows public works departments to access all available business, project, or GIS data from any department or source, such as municipal, regional, or national data.