Partner Software has released an evaluation version of its map viewing and deployment software for download by prospective customers.

The Partner Map Viewer is a GIS-independent, seamless map viewing system for use throughout a customer's site. It has rapid panning, zooming, data viewing, and searching capabilities within an easy-to-use graphic interface. It supports virtually unlimited map set sizes (up to hundreds of millions of individual graphic and data items) with no performance penalty. It provides redlining capabilities and high-resolution plotting of redlines and existing map data at virtually any page size--from letter to E size and above.

The Map Viewer can be run from a desktop, laptop, pen-based tablet, network install, or CD-ROM. It can be updated over the internet, local network, or from CD-ROM. A Palm OS version of the Map Viewer is included that provides many of the Map Viewer's capabilities on Palm OS-compatible computers.

The viewer provides a single, seamless view of all of a customer's maps and related data. ESRI ArcSDE, ESRI Personal Geodatabase, ESRI shapefiles, AutoCAD DWG, DXF, TIGER, Smallworld, Microstation, FRAMME, and many other GIS formats are supported, as well as related data from SQL databases, data files, customer information systems, and accounting systems. Virtually any data that can be associated with the map in some fashion can be added to the Map Viewer without adding it to a GIS or other system.

The Partner Map Translator, a companion application, handles the configuration of the entire system. This includes selecting GIS and other data to import, zoom levels, visibility, color and icon selection, data fields and labels, and other settings. An efficient, automated update system allows distribution throughout an organization without large bulk file copies or complex synchronization. Easy-to-use configuration tools put full control in the hands of the user, and updates to the map set can generally be done every day, perhaps during lunch.

The Partner Map Viewer system is sold as a site license, with no per-seat costs or other royalties. The system starts at $4,000 plus an annual maintenance, upgrade, and phone support package of $950. Extremely large organizations or those requiring entirely separate map viewing setups may be required to purchase additional copies. In any case, it is less expensive to purchase and maintain than competing systems, and far less expensive to distribute than paper map books.

The evaluation is free of charge and fully functional. There is no time limit built into the software, but the user is expected to evaluate the software within 60 days. Reminders in popup screens and map plots are the only difference between it and the full application. Many customers will be able to download, install, and configure the software with no additional help; however, Partner offers free phone support and will also perform the initial configuration for an additional cost of $1,000.

The software is available for download now at Feel free to contact Partner Software at (800) 964-1833 or email for additional information or assistance.