Next generation GPS rover system features lightweight design, cable-free Bluetooth Technology, and Windows CE graphical data collection capabilities.

Trimble introduced the 5800 GPS RTK Rover system with the TSCe controller and BlueCap module, the world's first survey-grade Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver with Bluetooth technology. Featuring cable-free operation and graphical capabilities, these additions to the Trimble Toolbox of integrated surveying solutions are designed to allow surveyors to work smarter and faster, enhancing productivity, improving workflow, and allowing them to take on more projects.

Trimble’s new 5800 RTK Rover is a small, cable-free system that integrates a GPS receiver, GPS antenna, UHF radio, Bluetooth technology and battery with the TSCe controller and BlueCap module. The BlueCap module delivers cable-free GPS capability using Bluetooth technology with remote control of the receiver for RTK surveying.

The 5800 receiver, specifically designed as a rover, is field-tested and rugged enough to survive a drop of up to two meters to a hard surface. It is lightweight, weighing just over 2.5 lbs. (1.2 kgs.), and able to be rod-mounted.

Offering maximum flexibility, the 5800 is compatible with a varietyof infrastructure solutions including field base stations, CORS reference stations, and Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks.

With low power consumption, Bluetooth capabilities, a patented four-point antenna feed, the 5800 is a truly exceptional receiver incorporating the best of 21st century technology.

The TSCe controller and BlueCap module make it easy to perform surveying work faster and smarter. Using the touch-screen stylus, users can simply tap the graphic of the option they wish to select for maximum speed and ease of use. The TSCe controller is ideal for data visualization, navigation, data selection, positioning, stakeout, and control work.

The dynamic interactivity of the TSCe controller means users receive more field guidance and have greater control over the data they are working with since they can see all data that has been collected or staked. As a result, omissions and other mistakes are eliminated and a more complete and accurate survey is produced. With the convenience and power of the TSCe controller, surveyors no longer need a full PC in the field.

The 5800 RTK Rover with the TSCe controller and BlueCap module can be ordered now through Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division dealer network. Shipments are expected to begin in early September 2002.