Goal to expand the power of GeoMedia-based solutions.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions today announced that three industry-leading software companies — Keigan Systems, MapText, and Safe Software — have joined the company's Team GeoMedia Program as Registered Solutions Center (RSC) members. Intergraph's Team GeoMedia Program links geospatial applications, services, and data resources from a wide variety of industry leaders to provide customers with a broad array of high-integrity solutions based on the powerful GeoMedia technology. Through the program, Intergraph provides RSC members with support for business development, marketing, and software development, along with the latest GeoMedia and IntelliWhere technology. RSC member benefits enable independent companies to closely align developing and delivering their products and services with Intergraph's open technology, resulting in expanded business opportunities and extended customer reach.

Industry leaders offer complementary products to Intergraph Technology Companies, including consulting firms, system integrators, and data providers, who are invited to join the RSC program must have demonstrated consistent technical skill and a commitment to GeoMedia as their fundamental technology for development. Leveraging prior relationships with Intergraph, Keigan Systems, MapText, and Safe Software offer technologies and applications complementary to Intergraph technology.

Keigan Systems, a leader in data and image analysis technology, applies its open standards, decision-support toolkit, and software solutions to augment analytical capabilities across a broad range of enterprise system platforms. Intergraph and Keigan Systems recently teamed to develop Intergraph's GeoMedia Grid software, an advanced set of grid analysis tools within a single GIS environment.

MapText provides software for automatically labeling the features of a map or chart - towns, roads, parks, and so on - that are symbolized on a map as points, lines, and areas. Intergraph currently resells MapText's flagship product, Label-EZ, to automate cartographic text placement in GeoMedia Professional and to advance cartographic output capabilities with GeoMedia.

Safe Software, a leading provider of spatial data translation solutions, offers FME products that provide data access and interchange capabilities among more than 100 other diverse GIS, CAD, and database formats including Intergraph's GeoMedia. Safe Software's full range of data access products and solutions includes stand-alone data translators, Web-based data brokers, and embeddable data read/write utilities.