Pending Pipeline Infrastructure Protection to Enhance Security and Safety Act (HR 3609)

This bill recently was approved by the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. Among other things, it contains a provision relating to pipeline inspection and a provision that would streamline permits for pipeline repairs. Curt Sumner, executive director of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) raised the point that perhaps surveyors can get involved in the pipeline inspection process. This may be a good area where legislation can be proposed similar to legislation introduced in Missouri relating to "design locate" aspect of utilities.

In the Missouri legislation, every person owning or operating an underground facility must assist excavators (i.e. surveyors) and the general public in determining the location of underground facilities before excavation activities are begun. The bill also addresses other ways in which property underground facility owners and operators are to cooperate with surveyors in determining the location of underground utilities and devices. Laurence Socci will review the federal bill (HR 3609) and the Missouri bill, and discuss them with John Matonich and Curt Sumner to determine whether this is something the ACSM should pursue.