Ikonos satellite named product of the year.

Space Imaging announced that it has received Frost & Sullivan's Product of the Year Award for 'Dual-use Technologies: Commercial Remote Sensing and Satellite Communications used for National Security purposes.' Space Imaging was chosen for its demonstrated ability to develop and advance innovative products, meet customer requirements, and significantly contribute to the industry's market acceptance. The award was presented to Space Imaging at a ceremony in San Antonio, Texas on March 11. Other award winners included GE Medical, Siemens Medical, Avaya, National Instruments, and Automated Logic.

Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite provided imagery and imagery products for Operation Enduring Freedom. Due to the fact that IKONOS imagery is unclassified, it was easily shared with coalition partners. The majority of the imagery collected for Enduring Freedom is now available for sale in Space Imaging's commercial archive. "Space Imaging is honored to have been chosen to receive this prestigious award," said John Copple, Space Imaging's CEO. "Our employees and, in particular, our partners who developed the IKONOS system-Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Kodak, were all very proud to lend support to Operation Enduring Freedom. It's further testimony that our products and services are finding great value with military and commercial customers."