Eagle Point co-founder is determined to establish Eagle Point as the leader in land development technology solutions.

When Eagle Point co-founder John Biver started a new era in the history of the nearly 20-year old company by purchasing all of the outstanding shares of Eagle Point stock, he did so with a clear goal in mind. He is determined to establish Eagle Point as the leader in land development technology solutions.

Biver, together with a new Eagle Point management team, developed an overriding principle – put the focus on meeting the needs and objectives of Eagle Point clients. This is a dramatic change from a public company concerned about meeting shareholder obligations to a privately held organization meeting the needs of the market.

“We believe the market needs us to fulfill a fundamental technology need – to assist in successfully utilizing technology to best accomplish their goals and objectives,” reveals CEO/President Biver.

Eagle Point employees and their clients have met the transformation with a renewed sense of excitement and energy. To best illustrate Eagle Point’s new direction, Biver recently announced his management team and the business strategies that will guide the future direction of the company.

To better meet clients’ technology implementation needs, Eagle Point has defined the following business strategies:

Building Client-Centric Relationships

Complete Understanding of Clients’ Technology Needs
Our complete understanding of our clients’ personal and organizational technology needs will allow us to provide the best solutions to their needs.

Highest Product Quality
We will develop the most stable applications available, that are the most intuitively designed, with the highest level of functionality in the industry.

Easiest to Do Business With
We will be consistent and fair in our practices and develop processes and policies that make it easy for our clients to partner with us.

Successful Implementation Assurance
We will develop thorough implementation plans that will include requirements established by the needs of our clients to ensure a successful implementation.

Dynamically Integrated Technologies
We will focus on bringing modules and functionality to market that are specifically dedicated to providing our clients the most complete electronic loop.

Strategic Alliances
We will develop and foster strategic alliances with business partners to enable us to recommend the best solutions to the full range of our clients’ business needs.

By partnering directly with clients, Eagle Point's business model allows for quicker and more effective response to the needs of the market. Eagle Point is convinced that by focusing on adding substantial value to the technology implementation equation, the land development industry will respond positively to their new client-centric direction.