Ashtech Z-Xtreme sensor provides centimeter-level accuracy in seconds for a range of applications including land survey.

Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including the Magellan and Ashtech product lines, announced the Z-Xtreme Sensor, the first instant-RTK GPS navigation system designed to provide cost-effective, centimeter-accurate navigation in a variety of system configurations.

Thales Navigation pioneered the use of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) for surveying, and extends its development to the Z-Xtreme Sensor, which uses state-of-the-art RTK algorithms and an all-new hardware platform to achieve accurate, reliable, centimeter-level positioning faster than ever before. Now, RTK initializations that used to take minutes only take seconds. Surveyors will not only work faster with Z-Xtreme Sensor, they can work all day without the hassle of switching batteries. For other "Precision Navigators", such as those with positioning needs for aircraft flight testing, machine control and mining, the Z-Xtreme Sensor is the ultimate GPS receiver for increased productivity, accuracy and reliability for a wide array of applications.

The Z-Xtreme Sensor receiver combines patented Ashtech Z-Tracking technology with state-of-the-art electronics to deliver the highest level of dual-frequency GPS performance. Z-Xtreme Sensor's low power consumption is an important consideration for surveyors out in the field. Logging of data for post-processing is easy and efficient, utilizing a removable flash memory (PCMCIA) card. Z-Xtreme Sensor is a proven performer for RTK operations, with Ashtech Instant RTK technology providing fast and accurate real-time positioning, with fixed ambiguity solutions available in as few as two seconds after full satellite lock. This is a distinct advantage in high dynamic applications, such as aviation, precision mining and machine control. Receiver configuration, monitoring and data downloading are quick and easy using Thales Navigation's RCS or Evaluate PC software. The four-button interface and LED display can also be used to perform setup and monitoring functions.

The Z-Xtreme Sensor's highly functional industrial design meets military moisture resistance standards (Mil Spec 810E) and is built tough to withstand the wear and tear of daily field use. The weatherproof housing contains the removable PCMCIA memory card, a single removable lithium ion battery that lasts more than nine hours and an optional internal UHF or spread spectrum wireless modem. The convenient user interface on the front of the receiver enables surveys to be completed quickly and reliably without adding an external controller.

For surveyors, Z-Xtreme systems are conveniently available in configurations ranging from the ZX Solutions system, an entry-level system optimized for post-processing, to the ZX SuperStation, which provides the ability to perform centimeter-level positioning in real-time. For other "Precision Navigators", the Z-Xtreme Sensor format offers the flexibility needed for integration with other systems.