Sanborn will perform update mapping services for New York City’s GIS landbase.

Sanborn, a photogrammetric mapping and geographic information system industry leader based in Pelham, New York, announced that they have been contracted to perform update mapping services for New York City’s GIS landbase, referred to as “NYCMAP.” It is Sanborn's biggest win to date.

The initial phase of the multi-year update project will be completed within one year and will involve updating existing data for Manhattan and Staten Island, and parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Sanborn will update existing digital orthophoto imagery and planimetric and topographic data originally compiled by its Colorado Springs office. As part of the update project Sanborn will produce “true orthophotos” whereby distortions typically associated with orthophotos in urban areas will be removed.

NYC government agencies will continue to use this updated NYCMAP as their key GIS landbase. The landbase was used extensively by the city to support mapping and GIS applications in response to the World Trade Center attack on September 11.

Hunter College of New York City will be responsible for overall program management and QA/QC. Sanborn will work closely with the college’s Center for the Analysis and Research of Spatial Information (CARSI) on all phases of the project.