Key enhancements for Content Server 4.0 include the ability to extract image data by geospatial coordinates and UTF-8 internationalization throughout the product.

LizardTech Inc. announced at AIIM the availability of the LizardTech Content Server 4.0 enabling intelligent network delivery of high-quality documents and images. Key enhancements for Content Server 4.0 include the ability to extract image data by geospatial coordinates, UTF-8 internationalization throughout the product and full support for LizardTech’s next generation MrSID file format. Additional improvements include an expanded application programming interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) and increased file format support including content delivery in MrSID, DjVu and JPEG formats.

The ideal complement to existing Web servers, LizardTech Content Server 4.0 allows businesses and individuals to efficiently serve high-quality MrSID images, DjVu documents and other popular image formats over the network to any client device. LizardTech’s MrSID is an industry-leading format for reducing high-resolution photographs and images to a fraction of their original size, with no loss in visual quality. DjVu is LizardTech’s document solution that reduces the file size of digital documents up to 1000 times compared with the original TIFF files or as low as two percent of the size of corresponding PDF files.

LizardTech Content Server 4.0 Technical Features:

  • Wider file format support - Supports MrSID and DjVu as input file formats; outputs MrSID files to MrSID and JPEG, and outputs DjVu to DjVu and JPEG.
  • Increased geoinformation awareness - Enables data extraction by geographic coordinates in addition to image pixel coordinates.
  • Internationalization - UTF-8 enabled throughout. File names, catalog names, file paths, installation directory, image and catalog metadata keys and values can contain UTF-8 international characters. XML output from Content Server is in UTF-8.
  • Support for next generation MrSID - Able to use, view and distribute full or cropped next generation MrSID image files.
  • Expanded Web API and improved SDK - Web programmers can do the work that once required C-programmers. Web API now exposes functionality previously only available at the core level. SDK now includes source code for the HTTP layer to make it easier for customers to build custom solutions.