The fictional storyline used for the demonstration was based on the the coordination of an emergency response to the events that happened on September 11th.

On 7th March 2002, Laser-Scan successfully took part in the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) Web Services Initiative (OWS1) end of project demonstration.

The fictional storyline used to demonstrate the various Web Server specification developments was based on the coordination of an emergency response to the events that happened in New York on the September 11th.

Road and building data was served up via Laser-Scan's Web Map and Web Feature servers and were used at a number of points during the two-hour demonstration; from the initial 'discovery' role, (to find out what data was available on the Web) to the construction of map composites and analyses.

Laser-Scan's client was used in the 'Integrated Analyses' section of the demonstration. It displayed a combination of data from Cubewerx (Ortho photo), from Laser-Scan's database (New York base data: buildings and roads)and from ESRI digitized plume data resulting from the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre). Extensions to the Transaction Web Feature Server were used to extend the schema, allowing the creation of a new emergency class in which example objects were digitized. These objects could then be viewed and used in other vendors' clients. Laser-Scan was the only participant to show this schema extension.

OWS1 followed closely on the heels of the Military Pilot Project (MPP1), which concluded two weeks earlier. Both projects were operated along similar lines to other OGC Web Mapping Testbeds, with aims to improve the mapping/edit/query functionality available through common (Open) commands and syntax.

In particular, MPP1 required the development of Laser-Scan's Web Feature Server to include Transaction and Schema extension capabilities, while OWS1 entailed the implementation of Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) provides directories and description of on-line services for electronic business.