Spatial Data Technologies's new DataGATE product allows users to access a full range of digital topographic maps, aerial photography and satellite imagery from one client based application.

Spatial Data Technologies promises users of it’s powerful new DataGATE product the quickest and easiest way yet to access a full range of digital topographic maps, aerial photography and satellite imagery from one client based application.

The Fort Collins, Colorado-based Spatial Data Technologies intends to “leave the gate open” on DataGATE in the form of a free trail version that includes the highest quality base image layers for popular GIS applications. The free 30-day trial version of DataGATE is available now by going to

“DataGATE is all about ease of use, recognizing that GIS professionals desperately want to apply their creative energy to problem solving, and NOT to collecting and manipulating base data,” said Glenn Vlass, president of Spatial Data Technologies. A DataGATE user is “three clicks” from georeferenced data ready for import to ESRI or Mapinfo products.

Map types available include:

  • USGS 1:24,000 scale (7.5 minute) flat and hillshaded topo maps
  • Color enhanced USGS DOQQ aerial photography (1 and 8 meter scale)
  • BLM 1:100,000 scale hillshaded topo maps showing surface management
  • USGS 1:100,000 scale hillshaded topo maps
  • Imagemap USA color optimized LandSat7 satellite imagery

Spatial Data Technologies has collaborated with Red Hen Systems on a custom and co-branded version of DataGATE, prompting this response from Dave Wright, Research & Development, Red Hen Systems- "I am very excited about the value DataGATE offers our customers in their diverse applications."

“DataGATE is unique in combining speed, power and especially ease of use,” said Scott Crouch, Director of Development for SDT. “We feel it will quickly become the new metaphor for acquiring data.”

What makes DataGATE unique:

  • Choose from multiple types of base data, including unique data sets only available through DataGATE, without multiple commercial transactions.
  • Choose from multiple formats including ECW, and JPEG
  • File compression can be specified as a percentage value to conserve bandwidth and download speeds while still providing optimal image quality.
  • Select maps and imagery using handy search tools, based on YOUR project’s boundaries.
  • Combine the maps you select into one seamless file, or download each map boundary separately. Adjacent maps will seam together automatically.
  • Maps are available via Internet download or CD delivery.

Spatial Data Technologies is America’s newest professional geo-products company, launched by the founders of MapTrails Corporation, leaders in recreational mapping software. Spatial Data Technologies is a company specializing in mobile mapping technology, data collection solutions, and the integration of digital and multimedia data into proprietary software applications.