Features scrolling screen for efficient system information.

To meet the evolving needs of the GPS marketplace and to provide a low-cost solution for high-accuracy GPS surveying, Sokkia now offers a new high-accuracy GPS surveying system—GSR2600-that features a scrolling LED screen and versatile battery setup that is compatible with Sokkia’s GPS product line, digital level and 300, 500 and 600-level Total Stations.

The scrolling LCD display enables users to view PDOP and HDOP details quickly and easily,providing more informa- tion on-screen. A new keypad setup provides easy menu system navigation and data entry.GSR2600 also features a smaller size — 153mm x 160mm x 70mm (6.03in x 6.30in x 2.76in)— and improved power consumption.

At the heart of the GSR2600 system is a 1.3 kg,12-channel GPS receiver and SK-600 GPS L1/L2 antenna,usable in post-processed (static and kinematic)and real-time kinematic (RTK)applications. The dual-frequency receiver features a removable memory card and front panel operation.

The system combines the user-friendly Windows CE SDR8100 field book with Spectrum Survey Suite V3 processing and adjustment software. The coupling of these two products makes the GSR2600 an ideal candidate for a variety of applications, including boundary surveys, control densification, as-built mapping and construction stake-out.

The GSR2600 is a part of the advanced products developed by POINT Inc., for Sokkia. The product is available through Sokkia’s worldwide distribution channel.