Groups aim to develop a network and promote business opportunities in the field of Geomatics between India and Canada.

On May 27, 2002, the Geomatics Industry Association of Canada entered into an agreement with the Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions (CSDMS), India. The Memorandum of Understanding between the two groups aims at developing a network and promoting business opportunities in the field of Geomatics between India and Canada. Under this MoU the GIAC and CSDMS agreed to collaborate in following areas of common interest:
1) Business Development: Both parties agreed to work on promoting business opportunities in each other's country. GIAC will help and assist Indian Geomatics industry to explore the business opportunity with Canadian Geomatics industry. CSDMS will help GIAC understand the Indian Geomatics market and also facilitate joint meetings between the Canadian and Indian Geomatics industries.
2) Training and education: GIAC and CSDMS have agreed to work together for developing an education network between the two countries, in particular GIAC will help CSDMS design and run professional courses in Geomatics in India.
3) Conferences and trade shows: The two parties agreed to partner toward organizing conference and trade shows in India. To begin with GIAC has decided to sponsor the forthcoming Map India 2003 conference, scheduled to be held in February 2003. GIAC may also look at the Map India conference as an opportunity to lead a Canadian delegation and have an Exhibition Pavilion
4) Spatial data infrastructure: CSDMS and GIAC will also cooperate toward the setting up of Spatial Data Infrastructure. Collaboration will also focus on learning from each other's experiences toward the establishment of a Spatial Data Infrastructure in India and Canada.

The MOU was signed by Sanjay Kumar, general secretary, CSDMS and Ed Kennedy, president, Geomatics Industry Association of Canada.