Sokkia Corporation announced the release of G2 for the At Work Computers Ranger rugged field computer. G2, Sokkia’s next generation data collection software is currently available on the Sokkia SDR8100 and DAP Microflex CE 5320. The addition of the Ranger hardware platform as a choice for customers expands the potential for acceptance of G2 in the industry. “The days of custom hardware-software combinations have changed,” said Bobby Holmes, Product Planning & Support Manager for Sokkia. “Today, like personal computers, the professional in the field has many choices for both software and hardware. Our goal is to deliver software that meets the customer’s needs, available on platforms that the customer requests.” While the Ranger will be offered through the Sokkia Dealer network, Sokkia will continue to develop versions of G2 for other third-party hardware platforms, as market needs grow and new products become available.

G2 versions of the 200T and 200C (color screen) Rangers include a custom G2 shortcut keyboard overlay, and may be purchased with either Total Station or GPS accessories. G2 versions of the Ranger are available through Sokkia Dealers and Distributors nationwide.