Ashtech Micro-Manager And Micro-Manager Pro Version 1.2.00 Provide Comprehensive Management For Networks Of Remote Ashtech Micro-Z GPS Receivers.

Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including the Magellan and Ashtech product lines, released Ashtech Micro-Manager and Micro Manager Pro version 1.2.00. Micro-Manager is a new Windows software program to help administrators manage a network of remotely operating GPS reference stations. Designed to work specifically with the Ashtech Micro-Z CGRS (Continuous Geodetic Reference Station), Micro-Manager and Micro-Manager Pro enable users to quickly and efficiently control these remote receivers, as well as download and manipulate GPS data.

The Ashtech Micro-Z CGRS is a powerful permanent GPS reference station, designed for continuous collection of high quality data, and Micro-Manager software is a key support tool for this device. Micro-Manager enables users to inspect receiver health and status; configure receiver parameters; download data files; and upload firmware to the Ashtech Micro-Z CGRS. Micro-Manager version 1.2.00 is a free upgrade to all registered Ashtech Micro-Manager users and is available for download at

Thales Navigation also offers Micro-Manager Pro, an enhanced version of the software that provides added support for modem connections to a remote GPS receiver. The Micro-Z CGRS and Micro-Manager support Z-Modem protocol, which improves the efficiency and robustness of remote operations especially over noisy phone lines. Micro-Manager Pro can be set up to manage and schedule remote broadcasting of RTK or DGPS corrections.

In addition to the benefits of Micro-Manager, the latest version of Micro-Manager Pro includes several new features designed to help users effectively collect and utilize GPS data:

  • Database for site names so that the operator can configure the RINEX headers for each site independently. When data is downloaded, the program automatically creates a RINEX header based on the information stored for that site.
  • Post download commands for the manipulation of downloaded data. This powerful programming tool enables users to collect files from a remote receiver and act on those files. For example, Micro-Manager users can move files; create custom directories; automatically archive files according to any set of parameters; send files by FTP to other remote locations; compress files; and even analyze files via a variety of programs.
  • Stand-alone FTP program to further assist movement of data. This new version of Micro-Manager Pro will automatically create RINEX MET files if a meteorological sensor is connected to the Micro-Z CGRS, to assist GPS-aided weather analysis and prediction. It will also automatically use the 10-character RINEX 2.2 convention for naming files from sessions shorter than one hour, an important new benefit for data analysis from low earth orbit satellites used by governments worldwide for scientific research.