Registered Solutions Provider and Registered Solutions Center programs offer a rich source of top-notch solutions and services for mapping and GIS professionals.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that the Intergraph Team GeoMedia program has surpassed 100 members for the Registered Solutions Provider (RSP) and Registered Solutions Center (RSC) programs. The international scope for the program has expanded to include Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Poland and the United States and continues to grow. The Team GeoMedia program provides a global partnership for companies and individuals that focus on the development, sales, marketing and support of geospatial industry products and solutions based on GeoMedia technology.

Team GeoMedia brings together partners, knowledge, technology and the infrastructure to build a solid network that is providing members opportunities in focused market segments such as public works, transportation, and government (federal, state and local) and in fast-growing areas such as wireless and location-based services.

Team GeoMedia members offer breadth of solutions and services Team GeoMedia RSP and RSC members choose the Team GeoMedia program to develop and share diverse geospatial solutions and proven industry expertise with mapping and GIS professionals worldwide. The Team GeoMedia Solutions Catalog provides the gateway to solutions from these members by listing applications and services that are "Powered by GeoMedia" delivered by the RSPs, and datasets that are "Ready for GeoMedia" delivered by the RSCs. The Solutions Catalog quickly enables customers to locate an outstanding selection of solutions and services that can make their day-to-day use and management of geospatial information easier and more productive.