New capabilities to be launched at OracleWorld Copenhagen in June.

Geospatial experts Laser-Scan is launching its new capabilities within the Oracle environment at OracleWorld Copenhagen, 24-27 June 2002.

Radius Topology is an advanced spatial processing environment, which extends the Oracle9i database and provides dramatic improvements to the speed and quality of spatial data handling.

Laser-Scan's Radius Topology brings benefits to all users within the IT environment, no specialist knowledge is necessary. It works behind the scenes, automatically adding topological intelligence to data; existing Oracle spatial software and GIS applications can continue unchanged.

Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer stored in Oracle9i, creating a server-side topological solution for handling the structure of spatial information. This means that, before the users actually commit their data into the Oracle9i database, the data will be structured automatically - this is all done without any extra work from the user; they won't even be aware that this is happening.

Radius Topology will be launched at OracleWorld, Copenhagen, 24-27 June 2002 The hardware on the Laser-Scan stand will be provided by Sun Microsystems