CARIS is pleased to announce the release of Spatial Fusion version 3.1.

With OpenGIS enhancements, increased format support, and client updates; customization and deployment of web-mapping applications can be accomplished within hours.

CARIS Spatial Fusion is a web platform that seamlessly integrates distributed data sources into a web based mapping service, regardless of data format, location or platform.

Some of the highlights of Spatial Fusion v3.1 include out-of-the-box support for version 1.1.1 of the OpenGIS Web Map Service (WMS) Implementation Specification; Point of Interest (POI) support to allow the easy addition of POIs; support for DGN files and Marine format (S-57) enhancements; and new logging capabilities to provide additional feedback from the Fusion data services.

First released in 2000, Spatial Fusion is used to web-publish geodata across many applications including: Land Information and Parcel Management, Hydro Utilities, Travel and Tourism, Emergency Management, Ecological Management, and Port Management among others.