Bentley Systems Incorporated released the V8 Generation version of MicroStation GeoGraphics, the mapping and geospatial configuration for MicroStation V8.

MicroStation configurations add rich discipline specific functionality to MicroStation and are available without additional charge to Bentley SELECT subscribers using MicroStation.

With its native support for MGE data and robust mapping, imaging and spatial analysis tools, MicroStation GeoGraphics is the foundation product of Bentley's geospatial product line and the emerging standard for the large, established community of MicroStation mapping professionals. Other Bentley geospatial offerings include MicroStation Descartes for image mapping and raster to vector conversion, GeoOutlook for decision support, Bentley Publisher for Internet map publishing, and solutions for network design, water and wastewater management, spatial asset management, and many other applications.

MicroStation GeoGraphics V8 has been upgraded to take full advantage of enhancements to MicroStation V8. Among these V8 related features are unlimited file size, automatic reference file transformations, live nested references, Oracle9i Spatial/Locator support, unlimited named levels, expanded cell and cell library Names, unlimited undo, and True-type text support.

Other exciting improvements include on-the-fly coordinate transformations, incorporation of Bentley's GeoCoordinator tools for projection management, new placement and topological analysis tools, support for the MrSID and ECW raster compression formats, the ability to integrate 2-D and 3-D data seamlessly, and incorporation of MicroStation's high performance Raster Manager.

Bentley's Raster Manager is a robust, high performance imaging subsystem designed to handle extremely large imagery datasets. Raster Manager includes native support for 1, 8, and 24 bit files and for TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG, iTIFF, MrSID, ECW and many other popular image formats.

Oracle 9i Locator provides new flexibility for storing spatial data in Oracle to OpenGIS standards. Bentley users may now opt to store their data using an Oracle Standard Edition license, rather than require Oracle Enterprise with the Spatial Option.