NavCom Technology Inc. Introduced SF-2040G, SF-2050G and SF-2050M

NavCom Technology Inc. (NCT) introduced its new line of RTK and DGPS products: SF-2040G, SF-2050G andSF-2050M. NavCom’s new series of GIS sensors utilize NCT’s StarFire Network on a subscription basis. The SF-2040G is an all-in-one, robust and lightweight dual-frequency StarFire DGPS sensor tailored for pole-mount applications. The SF-2050G and SF-2050M are fully integrated StarFire DGPS sensors designed for backpack portability and vehicle mounting applications, respectively. The StarFire worldwide differential correction service is available anywhere on the Earth’s surface from 76?N to 76?S latitude. (NavCom, Redondo Beach, Calif.)