CARIS has delivered a Spatial Fusion web-mapping application to the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) bringing efficiencies in emergency planning and management.

Through a standard web browser, all EMO staff can now find and display quickly, topographical maps and provincial base data.

The application eliminates the need for EMO to purchase, store and maintain paper maps, which become outdated quickly. Since the electronic map data accessed through the Spatial Fusion application is being updated on a regular basis, users have the most up to date information available whenever or wherever needed.

CARIS Spatial Fusion is the web-mapping development platform used to build this customized web-based GIS solution. Spatial Fusion's unique distributed service-based architecture allows data in its native format to be securely shared across EMO's Intranet.

The flexibility of Spatial Fusion's front-end Java components coupled with distributed back-end spatial services will easily accommodate the future growth of the system. Development plans will see the application linked to databases to support the hazardous material program, critical infrastructure program and 911 program. Potential is also being explored for use of the system in flood modeling, storm surge modeling, plume modeling for hazardous material spills and mapping for emergency dispatch.

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization is an emergency management and coordinating agency of government that prepares and provides support to mitigate the effects of disasters for the province and its municipalities.

With more than 23 years experience providing Geomatics software, CARIS has expertise and experience in providing innovative solutions for the management and analysis of spatial data supporting local government infrastructures.