ACSM has been working with other organizations to defeat a TRAC-like amendment introduced by Senator Edward Kennedy to the Department of Defense Authorization bill.

The ACSM considers this a victory and did its part to make it happen by faxing letters to Senators urging them to oppose the Kennedy Amendment. Laurence Socci, ACSM's Government Affairs consultant personally visited and met with staff from the offices of Senators Graham (D-FL), Chafee (R-RI) and Santorum (R-PA).

On June 25, the Kennedy amendment was defeated 50-49. The ACSM believes it would have put a burden on the Defense Department by forcing them to go through costly, burdensome and time consuming comparisons of government employee performance and contractor performance on activities before the Defense Department can contract out with the private sector. Also, it says the amendment would have mandated Defense Department studies on "in-sourcing", or moving activities currently performed by non-governmental contractors into the government. In essence, while President Bush is calling for a smaller government, the Kennedy amendment would have expanded it.