Leica Geosystems will introduce the ADS40 Airborne Digital Sensor to American customers on 27 April 2002, at the Bulverde Air Park, located 17 miles north of San Antonio International Airport. Offering the coverage performance of an aerial film camera, the ADS40 is the first system of its kind also to provide multispectral data, normally acquired from a spaceborne platform. The digital sensor, which captures 3 panchromatic channels (forward, nadir and backward) and 4 multispectral bands (RGB and NIR) simultaneously, will remain in the States until June for a series of demonstration flights.

ADS40 imagery can be used for crop analysis, land use analysis, environmental planning and all photogrammetric applications. "With its high resolution and performance, the ADS40 is an excellent investment in the future of an airborne data acquisition business," stated Ludger Ullrich, Vice President, Airborne Data Acquisition, Analog/Digital Sensors, Leica Geosystems. "The convenience of the all-digital workflow means an up-to-date, efficient production environment for our customers."

During the ADS40 demonstrations, Leica Geosystems will guide prospective customers through its unique all-digital workflow: from flight planning, through image acquisition and transferring digital data from the flight mission, to the ground processing and archiving stages. The demonstrations will also include a comprehensive overview of the system and end-product applications. For more information about the ADS40 demonstrations, contact Mike Smallwood, Sales Manager, Digital Airborne Products, North America Region, Leica Geosystems: +1 540 687 8185.