Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division is pleased to announce the availability of IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table.

Leica Geosystems' GIS & Mapping Division announced the availability of IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table (GLT) enhancement, a self-contained data viewing environment, designed to meet the needs of image interpreters and analysts working in intelligence and other areas. IMAGINE GLT is capable of displaying multiple, linkable, geospatial views within a GUI and numerous enhancements such as immediate access to commonly used exploitation tools and thumbwheels for brightness, contrast, zoom and rotation control.

The IMAGINE GLT is immediately available for purchase and to qualifying existing ERDAS IMAGINE customers.

Building on more than 20 years of ERDAS-created geographic imaging solutions, Leica Geosystems has evolved and enhanced the traditional Electronic Light Table (ELT) to create the IMAGINE GLT enhancement. (Leica Geosystems purchased ERDAS to create the Geographic Imaging product line for the GIS & Mapping Division in 2001.) IMAGINE GLT’s core viewing interface combines all the best features of the ERDAS IMAGINE viewer with the exploitation tools normally found in an ELT, and adds the ERDAS IMAGINE geospatial capabilities, such as rigorous sensor modeling and vector integration. With this enhancement, users are not limited to simple image exploitation routines and can access functionality for vector GIS integration, image segmentation and categorization, map composition, change detection, geographic overlays and annotation.

IMAGINE GLT Key Features
The ERDAS IMAGINE suite of software enables the IMAGINE GLT to be scaled to a particular phase of image exploitation, from simple image comparison using IMAGINE Essentials, to strategic analysis, terrain categorization and classification and spatial modeling using the full suite of ERDAS IMAGINE software.

For more than 10 years, ERDAS IMAGINE has offered this and other advanced geospatial processing techniques through its industry-leading ERDAS IMAGINE viewer technology as well as through its range of geospatial analysis tools such as change detection, image classification (terrain categorization), band indices, resolution merging, annotation overlays, hyperspectral analysis, DEM generation, 3D visualization, etc. The IMAGINE GLT adds to this existing suite of geospatial processing technology the intuitive user interface and easy-access tools expected for an ELT-style package, as well as providing faster image display and several other new features.

IMAGINE GLT can be bundled with several ERDAS IMAGINE modules aimed at providing the minimum set of functionality needed by an imagery intelligence analyst for geospatial processing. For a limited time, the IMAGINE GLT Bundle is offered at a special introductory price. The bundle includes:

  • IMAGINE Advantage
  • Ability to download the IMAGINE GLT
  • IMAGINE NITF 2.1™ module
  • IMAGINE VirtualGIS module
  • One year Software Subscription Service