Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., introduced its “Trimble Toolbox” for land surveying. The new Trimble Toolbox is designed to help the way land surveying, civil engineering and construction professionals use information technology to enhance productivity and stay competitive. The Trimble Toolbox unifies the traditional world of conventional surveying instruments with the new world of GPS through one common information solution. The creation comes from the recent acquisition of industry innovators, Trimble with Spectra Precision.

“Surveyors and civil engineers will now have all the best positioning and software tools that work together seamlessly from the world's leading supplier of position-centric solutions,” said Karl Ramstrom, senior vice president and general manager of Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division.

The unified survey product portfolio of the Trimble Toolbox is a compatible set of tools built with the latest technology and designed to streamline and automate the surveyor’s workflow. The Toolbox provides the surveyor with total flexibility to choose just the right tools for the job. It includes all the elements of the total solution including a variety of field survey systems, field survey controllers and office software. From robotic and mechanical total stations to real-time kinematic GPS systems to precise leveling systems, everything a surveyor needs for any project is available from a this single source.

The unified Trimble brand now includes innovations from Geodimeter, Zeiss Geodetic Systems and Trimble. The Trimble Toolbox field survey systems include the 3300, 3600 and 5600 total station series for mechanical to robotic surveying; and for GPS surveying, the new GPS Total Station 5700 system.

With new patented technology, the GPS Total Station 5700 is the most advanced and versatile Global Positioning System (GPS) total surveying solution ever built by Trimble. The GPS Total Station 5700 is an easy-to-use modular system. It provides surveyors with total flexibility, using different set-up configurations for all types of surveying; including control, measurement, design, stakeout and mapping from concept to completion. The receiver can be configured with all the components and mounted on a lightweight range pole or worn with the belt pouch. The system can also be mounted on a tripod, vehicle, boat, ATV or placed in a backpack.

Trimble’s GPS Total Station 5700 consists of four major components: the new 5700 GPS receiver with an integrated Real-time Kinematic (RTK) UHF radio modem; the new, high-performance Zephyr antenna; the Trimble TSC1 controller running Trimble Survey Controller software; and Trimble Geomatics Office software. In addition, the system can be complimented with the Terramodel civil engineering design software, another component from the Trimble Toolbox. At the heart of the system is an all-new, low-power GPS receiver built around Trimble’s latest generation Maxwell 4 ASIC technology. The new chip provides higher speed, longer battery life, better satellite tracking and higher precision in extreme environments. The GPS receiver also includes an internal radio modem and the new extended Real-time Kinematic (eRTK) technology, which can cover areas up to four times larger than conventional RTK. The GPS Total Station 5700 receiver is housed in an extremely rugged, space-age magnesium alloy case which is lighter than aluminum, yet 30 percent stronger. The receiver weighs less than 3 lbs. (1.4kgs.), including batteries for a full day’s work, internal radio, radio antenna and internal charger.

Trimble’s new GPS surveying system also breaks new ground with the Zephyr and Zephyr Geodetic antennas, both utilizing the patented Trimble 4-point antenna feed technology. The Zephyr Geodetic antenna features the patented Trimble Stealth Ground Plane technology. This revolutionary design mitigates multipath signals using technology similar to that used by Stealth aircraft to hide from radar. In addition, the surveyor can add a 360-degree prism and use the Trimble Survey Controller software to operate both the robotic and GPS total stations, for a truly one-person integrated surveying system.

The GPS Total Station 5700 system in now available through Trimble’s Land Survey distribution network.

The Trimble Toolbox makes Integrated Surveying easier and more productive by allowing the surveyor or civil engineer to switch between conventional and GPS instruments with “plug and play” simplicity through the use of a universal survey controller. The survey data, whether GPS- or terrestrial-based, can now be automatically correlated and combined into a single database. Back in the office the survey controller interfaces directly to the office software for processing the field data into over 50 design, CAD and GIS, and survey format.

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