SOKKIA Added Three New Laser Levels

SOKKIA Corporationadded three new laser levels, the Triax MP40 Multi-Purpose Laser, theC410and the Triax EL40 HV Laser Level. The MP40, with automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling capabilities and 10 percent leveling range, offers three modes of operation: detector/remote control, scanning and chalk line. An additional benefit to the MP40 is the combined detector/remote. Users can control placement of the spot beam remotely, or switch to scanning mode without touching the instrument. The C410, which features SOKKIA’s famed optical technology and a 20X magnification, offers excellent accuracy with a 2.5 mm standard deviation for 1 km double-run leveling. Its reliable compensator with magnetic damping system ensures precise, stable readings along the horizontal line of sight, regardless of rapidly changing weather conditions, vibration or shock. The Triax EL40 HV offers two modes of operation: automatically level horizontally or manually level vertically. Other notable features include a versatile detector with front and back displays and audible on-grade signal; a spot beam for manual, 90-degree setup; and automatic out-of-level cutoff if disturbed, due to Triax’s unique “Tilt” function. (SOKKIA, Olathe, Kan.)