New automatic prism search sensor for total stations.

Leica Geosystems introduced the PowerSearch automatic prism search sensor for TPS1100 Professional Series survey total stations.

The PowerSearch sensor can be easily activated by a single keystroke any time during the survey. When PowerSearch is activated, the total station rotates and emits a vertical laser fan. Once the laser fan hits a prism, the telescope then positions onto the prism and the total station is ready to measure.

With PowerSearch, overall productivity is increased significantly, especially for one-man operation with the remote control RCS1100. Since the entire prism search only requires a few seconds, it represents a significant time saving in initial prism search and immediate resumption of automatic target tracking after interruptions.

The entire PowerSearch sensor is integrated neatly into the total station and works with any passive prisms, eliminating the need for active prisms or additional batteries, cables or accessories. Existing Leica robotic users can easily add PowerSearch functionality to their robotic total stations.