Geographic information systems industry leader and technical visionary to present.

Geographic information systems industry leader and technical visionary Peter Batty will present a luncheon address at the 16th Annual GIS in the Rockies Conference. The address is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday October 1 at the Plaza at the Mart.

The conference theme is "Geospatial Integration Today for Tomorrow." Mr. Batty’s talk will cover a range of topics related to this theme, including web services, OpenGIS standards, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), location tracking systems, wireless communications, and integration of GIS with real time systems such as SCADA and outage management. Keith Hangland, Chair of the GIS in the Rockies Board of Directors, said "We are pleased that Mr. Batty has accepted our invitation to address the theme of this year's conference. His reputation as an award-winning speaker is well-deserved, and we look forward to hearing his insights."

Prior to co-founding Ten Sails in 2002, Mr. Batty was Vice President of technology at GE Network Solutions. He spent a decade with Smallworld Systems and GE Network Solutions, where he played a significant role in helping them become a global market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Utilities and Telecommunications. He has demonstrated the rare ability to develop and articulate a compelling vision for a technology company. With Ten Sails he is working on business development of early and growth stage technology companies, with a particular focus on emerging technologies in the spatial arena.

Mr. Batty has served the industry as a member of the GeoWorld magazine editorial advisory board since 1996. He has spoken at many conferences around the world and has received a record six speaker awards from GITA. He has been involved in several industry standards initiatives, including the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), and IEC TC57 Working Group 14, a utility industry standards group.