Multiple enhancements added to Trimble 5800 RTK system, Trimble Survey Controller software and Trimble Office software.

Trimble introduced new versions of three key surveying products, including the 5800 GPS receiver, Trimble Survey Controller software and Trimble Office software. These enhancements are in response to valuable customer feedback, and demonstrate Trimble’s ongoing commitment to deliver powerful surveying solutions that meet the daily work needs of surveyors around the world.

Enhanced 5800 RTK System

Trimble’s 5800 RTK system has been improved to include GPS base station functionality, VRS™ (Virtual Reference Station) enhancements, support for Bluetooth communications with selected cellular phones including those with GSM/GPRS technology, and on-board memory. With these new capabilities, the 5800 provides a more versatile solution, which can be used for a wider range of surveying tasks.

Users of Trimble VRS technology will benefit from faster rover start-up time in the field, and Bluetooth cell phone support, which allows for a completely cable-free RTK rover. Support for the use of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) available on many GSM networks world-wide allows for significantly more cost-effective data transfer in the field users are charged based on the amount of data transferred, instead of the amount of time spent online.

In addition, the 5800 now has 2MB of internal memory for more flexibility in logging and storing data.

Trimble Survey Controller Software Version 10.7

Trimble Survey Controller field software is an integral part of the Company's Integrated Surveying solutions, and provides a seamless interface to Trimble’s portfolio of GPS surveying and total stations systems. The Trimble Survey Controller 10.7 software provides advanced graphical capabilities for road cross-section stakeout and in-field design. In addition, new onboard data collection applications for use with Trimble 5600 Total Stations allow for automated surface scanning using the direct reflex (DR) EDM, repeated measurements, remote object elevation and continuous topographical measurement.

Trimble is dedicated to meeting regional requirements with specialized regional support. As a result, its new version of Trimble Survey Controller software now includes functionality to support the German cadastral system requirements, as well as new functionality previously provided by the Zeiss Elta data collection software.

Trimble Office Software Updates

The Trimble Geomatics Office and Trimble Total Control surveying software are also integral parts of Trimble’s Integrated Surveying solutions. To ensure a smooth workflow between field and office with Trimble Survey Controller 10.7 each of these office software packages has been updated.

“Our goal in introducing these enhanced products is to improve our surveying customers’ productivity, accuracy and quality assurance, both in the field and in the office,” said J¿rgen Kliem, division vice president of survey for Trimble's Geomatics and Engineering Division. “These are products and features our customers have asked for, and we responded. Trimble is committed to continuing to meet the expressed needs of our customers and to meet their regional requirements as well.”