Safe Software Inc., the industry leader in the creation, support, and development of advanced Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technologies, announces it has added MapServer support to its web-based data delivery product SpatialDirect. This solution enables users to download data viewed with MapServer directly to their desktops in any format and projection.

“Safe Software’s decision to use MapServer as another client technology for enabling data extraction from SpatialDirect is great news for the MapServer community,” said Daniel Morissette, VP of Research and Development of DM Solutions Group, and one of the main contributors to the MapServer project. “This paves the way for further integration efforts with other MapServer-based technology such as DM Solutions Group’s recently released Chameleon.”

"The addition of a MapServer integration to our SpatialDirect lineup continues our commitment to providing data export and delivery solutions for all of the major web mapping applications available on the market, both commercial and open source," said Kieran Jones, SpatialDirect Team Leader.

SpatialDirect has been integrated with: Autodesk MapGuide, ESRI ArcIMS, Intergraph GeoMedia WebMap, MapInfo MapXtreme, and now MapServer. It can also be easily integrated with other custom viewers or web-mapping applications.