The paper is titled, "Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Location Data."

Laser-Scan released a white paper for professionals in the telecommunications industry.

The paper "Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Location Data", follows a successful seminar at Ordnance Survey's headquarters in Southampton. Analysts, systems integrators and end users gathered to hear how Laser-Scan's technology, coupled with Ordnance Survey's digital data products, can offer advanced solutions within the telecommunications market.

The paper summarizes the seminar presentations and explores how companies can deliver memorable user experiences by simply ensuring the consistency of their data.

Laser-Scan's Business Development Director Steven Ramage comments:

"Laser-Scan are experts in geospatial data management and have an extensive history of working with Ordnance Survey. It was a great session that we had at the OS Business Centre in Southampton. We heard from experts from the telco industry and we explained data solutions on offer from Ordnance Survey, such as the ITN layer in OS MasterMap and Laser-Scan's data management capabilities conflating foreground datasets with OS MasterMap."

Laser-Scan's paper "Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Location Data" is available at