iView Internet edition 2.0 has become the web-service of choice.

Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) announced the release of four more Ohio County Auditor websites today. Trumbull, Muskingum, Fulton and Hardin Counties have signed agreements with DDTI to upgrade their web solutions. That raises the total number of Ohio County Auditors & Engineers onboard with DDTI to 24, now making DDTI the leader in bringing Ohio county tax maps and parcel data online.

DDTI’s outstanding reputation for customer service and top-notch expertise in GIS has been the driving force behind this growth. Ohio’s county officials are quickly realizing the benefits of having tax information and parcel maps online, and have aggressively sought DDTI’s help in not only making this a reality, but also in making the online maps a useful internal and public resource. Cross-departmental information integration has been a long-standing goal in the local government community and DDTI’s Internet Services are bringing Ohio’s counties a step closer.

Fulton County Auditor Nancy Yackee added, “DDTI’s Online Management Interface puts me in complete control of the site and outsourcing this service to them will save our county money.” The highly robust and scalable DDTI sites are visually appealing, quick to search, and very intuitive for county employees, real estate professionals and the general public. With DDTI’s rapidly expanding presence and rock-solid reputation, more and more counties are making the switch.