Geography Markup Language (GML) version 2.0 interoperability.

Safe Software Inc., the leader in data transformation solutions, today announced the immediate availability of GML 2 support across its entire product line. Safe Software has been developing GML translation libraries and software for the past two years, and has recently added configurable GML reading and writing capability to all its interoperability software.

FME Suite, FME Objects, and SpatialDirect software users can now easily move data between GML 2 and more than 100 unique Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and database systems. FME Suite users can perform GML 2 translations and sophisticated processing tasks with point-and-click ease. FME Objects (which includes both API and OEM versions) provides a gateway that allows third-party applications to support GML 2 data. SpatialDirect allows organizations to distribute data in GML 2 format over the Internet.

Safe Software's across-the-board support includes all the necessary tools for users and developers to take advantage of GML 2, regardless of requirements and distribution methods. Most recent developments include allowing users to seamlessly move datasets based on any arbitrary GML application schema. The technology has already been used in several major projects involving massive data migrations through GML.