Partnership adds full-featured CAD functionality to ultra-rugged Ranger handheld.

At Work Computers, a leading provider of ruggedized Windows CE handheld computers, and GiveMePower Corporation, a leading provider of mobile CAD software solutions for Windows CE, announced that the two companies will offer bundled solutions to a wider range of customers, extending the capability to create, view and edit design drawings in harsh outdoor and industrial environments.

At Work Computers introduced the Ranger 200C, the first ultra-rugged class handheld to feature the popular reflective color LCD, in July 2001. With 64 MB of SDRAM and 128 MB of flash storage, the Ranger 200C provides the kind of performance necessary for today’s mobile information requirements.

Said Roy Scribner, marketing manager for At Work Computers, “Our Rangers are over-tested for ruggedness. We drop them 26 times onto two inches of plywood-over-concrete, the military standard. Then we follow that up with six additional drops at -20ºC and six drops at 60ºC.”

GiveMePower Corporation introduced PowerCAD CE, the world’s first full-featured CAD software optimized specifically for mobile computing devices running Windows CE, in January 2002. PowerCAD CE supports the latest AutoCAD® R2002 drawing formats, along with an innovative VoiceNOTE function that allows users to embed audio annotations directly inside drawings.

Specially priced Ranger 200Cs bundled with Windows CE 3.0 and PowerCAD CE Viewer, PowerCAD CE Classic or PowerCAD CE Pro are available for online purchase at or by calling the company’s toll-free (U.S./Canada) order desk at 1-888-97-POWER.