Web-based GRIP project dramatically improves decision-making process and is recognized with Intergraph's GeoSpatial Innovation Award for Transportation.

GeoMedia technology from Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has made the decision-making process at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (OKDOT) quicker and more efficient with the recent implementation of the department's Geographical Resource Intranet Portal (GRIP) application. The project was initiated by the OKDOT Planning and Research Division, which is responsible for data collection, integration, analysis, and presentation for all of the OKDOT. GRIP uses GeoMedia WebEnterprise as a portal to collect data from more than eight different databases with 32 map themes and then integrates the data into a single Web browser for easy access, analysis, and retrieval by OKDOT employees.

In the past, providing public information requests was a two- to three-day process for OKDOT employees. For example, a request for several different kinds of information, such as construction history, current construction activity, number of bridges and number of accidents in a particular area would mean requests to individual departments for each bit of information. Now, using GeoMedia technology, the staff can access enterprise data instantly through any computer and Web browser at OKDOT, obtaining the answer in minutes instead of days and saving work hours and critical time in the decision-making process. GeoMedia WebEnterprise provides a digital map with data referenced to linear features. OKDOT staff can click on a feature and view all of the associated geospatial information.

OKDOT honored with GeoSpatial Innovation Award The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is this year's recipient of the annual GeoSpatial Innovation Award for Transportation from Intergraph's Transportation Solution Center for North America. The award recognizes their innovative geospatial data access capabilities and enterprise deployment of the GRIP solution. OKDOT was presented the award at the GIS for Transportation (GIS-T) Symposium in Atlanta, Ga., March 25 - 27.