System to simplify and expedite bid solicitation.

The Blue Book of Building and Construction has launched a new online messaging system, available today at, to provide faster, more efficient communications for Blue Book users.

The Blue Book's new messaging component is a modified version of BB-Bid, the industry's leading bidding and procurement system. Online users can quickly and easily message Blue Book listed companies "Invitations to Bid" for services and "Requests for Quote" for materials and equipment. Utilizing simple, intuitive functionality, users can now select multiple companies - across several classifications throughout all Blue Book regions - and message them individually or simultaneously via fax, email or within the BB-Bid network. Vendors that are registered with BB-Bid can receive, view and respond to these project opportunities from their private "In-Box."

In addition to direct messaging, The Blue Book provides users with the option to publish "ITBs" and "RFQs" in BidScope, The Blue Book's two-way project search engine. BidScope allows users to target "ITBs" and "RFQs" to specified regional categories, increasing the number of competitive prices returned and eliminating unsolicited responses from categories already secured or contracted.