GIS students and Telecom Fiji staff to receive benefits of GeoMedia software and training.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that the University of the South Pacific (USP), Suva, Fiji, will integrate GeoMedia technology into the classroom with a full range of GeoMedia software and training services. Telecom Fiji, the largest user of GIS software in the South Pacific region, is funding the software and training for USP. Intergraph will also provide training support to the staff of Telecom Fiji.

With this educational package, USP will use GeoMedia software in advanced GIS coursework, helping students gain valuable practical experience in a commercial GIS software package prior to entering the workforce. The university has also established a software lab of 20 workstations with the full GeoMedia suite installed on each computer. Future uses of GeoMedia software include creating maps of the USP campus on the Internet and enabling students to access resources and projects on the Internet from remote USP campuses.

Dr. Michael Govorov, the director of the USP Geography Department's GIS Unit said, "Telecom Fiji's funding of GeoMedia software and training for USP shows how two organizations from different sectors can benefit from cooperating with each other in the development of their people power. With this support, educational institutions such as USP are able to considerably improve their hardware and software base for teaching GIS courses. In addition, the establishment of a GIS teaching lab, which is now equipped with modern GIS software, can be seen as a further example of cooperation between Telecom Fiji, Intergraph NZ and USP in the South Pacific region".