GeoMedia products combined with DB2 database management software provide new spatial warehousing options for customers.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced a marketing agreement with IBM Corporation. Intergraph and IBM are establishing a relationship worldwide between their technical, sales, and marketing teams to sell Intergraph's GeoMedia product suite together with IBM's DB2 database management software. Targeted global markets include transportation, government, and location-based services, and, in Europe, the banking industry. To facilitate this effort, Intergraph has developed a new IBM DB2 read/write data server for their GeoMedia products.

GeoMedia's open architecture provides easy access to DB2 data warehouses By exploiting the open architecture of GeoMedia technology, DB2 users can benefit from the powerful functionality of GeoMedia without the need to convert their data into proprietary data formats, making integration with existing business systems a simple matter. DB2 is an excellent option for customers choosing an industry-standard database for their spatial warehouse needs. And when combined with GeoMedia, which has the ability to connect to native spatial repositories, a customers' data integration ability further improves. For example, users can answer spatial-related questions using data from multiple GIS data warehouses and industry-standard databases. By moving spatial data into DB2, enterprise access can be achieved without a department losing responsibility and control of their data. Standard database security processes can also be implemented for managing access to departmental information.