Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen, the Danish mapping agency, has established a generalization flowline using Laser-Scan's world-leading technology.

Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen (KMS), the Danish mapping agency, has established a generalization flowline for production of a series of 1:50K scale maps from its 1:10K database using Laser-Scan's world-leading technology.

KMS is producing the maps for the Danish defence forces. By the end of 2001 three maps had been completed. KMS is now evaluating the flowline to find out which generalization processes need further development.

The project has taken advantage of innovative generalization technology developed by a multi-national research consortium of which Laser-Scan was a leading member. The AGENT project (Automated GEneralization New Technology) was set up to develop new technologies for the automated generalization of mapping data using intelligent active objects (agents): it is based on Laser-Scan's unique Gothic LAMPS2 product.

The KMS production line includes software from different vendors and software developed by KMS; Laser-Scan's LAMPS2 Generaliser option has been used for many of the necessary generalisation processes.

During year 2002 KMS will start up projects which will work within the following main topics

  • Defining new generalisation methods for establishing a derived dataset at 1:100.000
  • Defining datamodels for the derived databases including the issue of handling consistency between the databases.

KMS will be using the Laser-Scan LAMPS2 Generaliser product including the AGENT functionality for the future production of derived databases at 1:50.000 and 1:100.000.