Georgia county awards $325,000 multi-year county-wide mapping contract.

Greene County, GA, a fast-growing area 75 miles east of Atlanta, GA, awarded a $325,000 multi-year contract to Merrick & Company for a full range of mapping services, effectively launching the county’s long-term GIS expansion. Greene County selected Merrick & Company because of its reputation for excellence, understanding of the county’s specific needs, and its ability to work within the defined fiscal parameters.

The two-year contract calls for mapping the terrain of the 388 square miles of the county. Final products include color digital orthophotos scaled at 1 in. = 100 ft. and 1 in. = 200 ft., in 2,500 ft. X 2,500 ft. tiles in TIFF format, and a 4-ft. contour database in vector format. Additional phases will include tax parcel mapping (provided by Smart Data Strategies, Inc., Franklin, Tenn.) and basic planimetric data capture and compilation are planned for the project.

Merrick & Company went to work quickly, scheduling Air Photographics, Inc. (Martinsburg, W.V.) to collect aerial photos at two different scales within two weeks of signing the contract and during peak flying season.

Knoblock and Associates (Athens, Ga.) worked with Greene County to design the Request For Proposal and assist in the selection process. According to Les Knoblock, Merrick & Company demonstrated a keen understanding of the county’s short and long-term goals.

Primarily a rural area, Greene County has experienced rapid growth for the past five years. Much of this growth has flowed from metro-Atlanta to the West, and the city of Augusta to the East, particularly along Lake Oconee, the second largest lake in the state. Recognizing the long-term implications and growing demand placed on the county’s infrastructure, the County Commissioners embarked on the GIS expansion.

Phase one of the project, which includes the aerial photo collection, surveying and prototyping the vector database, will be completed in September 2002. During phase two, Merrick & Company will rectify, mosaick and clip the tiled sheets, and compile the lines, polygons and other vector terrain data in the contour database. Phase two is scheduled for completion in August 2003.