Software upgrade includes field improvements for crews using PDAs; free evaluation software and new Mobile Workforce Starter kit available.

IntelliWhere, a division of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, announced worldwide availability of IntelliWhere OnDemand 5.0, vector-based mobile workforce software for personal digital assistants (PDAs.) IntelliWhere OnDemand 5.0 delivers enhanced features, expanded tools, and workflow improvements, giving organizations the industry's most advanced user-friendly software to connect a mobile workforce with corporate data, such as intelligent maps, diagrams, and asset information.

Certified with GeoMedia 5.0 and GeoMedia Professional 5.0, the software upgrade operates within the latest geospatial technology environment and may now be used on a broader range of projects because support has been added for NMEA 0183 GPS, the National Marine Electronics Associations' industry-standard protocol, and a unicode character set.

IntelliWhere OnDemand allows enterprises to deliver vector-based corporate asset data to field crews for viewing and editing on Pocket PC devices before sending updates to be verified and uploaded into corporate data warehouses.

New workflow productivity features added to IntelliWhere OnDemand include:

  • Certification with GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional 5.0 - IntelliWhere OnDemand uses Intergraph's GeoMedia software as the desktop gateway to set up data for field use, allowing enterprises to share the broad array of geographic information system (GIS) and CAD formats supported by GeoMedia. GeoMedia also facilitates the uploading of authorized spatial and textual field data into corporate information systems such as GIS, databases, asset systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Support for NMEA 0183 GPS devices - In addition to Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) devices, IntelliWhere OnDemand supports input from industry-standard NMEA 0183 GPS devices, thus extending hardware options for enterprises as they equip their mobile workforces.
  • Support for unicode character sets - Data containing unicode character sets, such as Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew text, can now be viewed in IntelliWhere OnDemand, broadening the software's use to additional global markets.
  • Powerful annotation tool for text positioning - Using the PDA keyboard, field personnel can enter more comprehensive redlining notes than previously possible by selecting a point on the map and entering text.
  • Simplified data input for digitized features - Users can employ screen taps or GPS coordinates to digitize linear and area features. This allows more flexible data input options beyond simple input points.

    Evaluation software available For a limited time, IntelliWhere is offering free evaluation CDs of IntelliWhere OnDemand 5.0 at In addition to experiencing IntelliWhere OnDemand's data capture and export functionality, existing GeoMedia 5.0 customers can also try out the features that employ GeoMedia as the gateway to visually prepare data and view updates from the field.

    Automated data delivery available with new Mobile Workforce Starter Kit IntelliWhere OnDemand 5.0 is included in IntelliWhere's new Mobile Workforce Starter Kit, an out-of-the-box solution that enables organizations to automate the delivery of spatial and asset data to field crews. The Mobile Workforce Starter Kit bundles IntelliWhere OnDemand, IntelliWhere LocationServer, and Intergraph's GeoMedia software at a discounted price and is available until June 30, 2003. This limited-time offer provides all the software, sample applications, and guides needed to kick start a mobile workforce solution at an affordable price.