The latest version of the world-renowned GeoLab software package is Microsearch GeoLab 2001. Please visit for more information.

Microsearch GeoLab is a Windows program that calculates coordinates of survey points (e.g. property corners, survey traverses, geodetic networks, etc). The calculations use survey measurements (e.g. angles, distances, GPS measurements, etc) to calculate the best values for the coordinates of all points as well as statistical quality measures. Microsearch GeoLab uses the least squares technique for calculating the coordinates of any number of points, and can handle any number of measurements.

Since 1985 GeoLab has been the world-leading program for performing these types of calculations. It is used in many countries around the world by government agencies, commercial businesses, and educational institutions. The name "GeoLab" is derived from the words "Geodetic Laboratory", because it performs many types of calculations in support of its main functions.

The primary function of GeoLab is to provide an intuitive environment for easily performing least squares adjustments of survey networks of measurements, final adjusted coordinates, and a detailed statistical evaluation of the quality of the measurements and coordinates. GeoLab supports conventional survey measurements (angles, distances, etc.), as well as GPS coordinate and coordinate difference measurements, and provides powerful tools for using geoids and for performing many types of coordinate transformations.

We have put a lot of work into improving this new release of GeoLab. A thorough revision of many of the core components of GeoLab has been made, resulting in a more robust and dependable program. All known bugs have been eliminated, and, in addition to the core component revisions, many significant improvements have been made including the following:

  1. The hardware key is gone! It has been replaced by a very friendly licensing system that is fully Internet friendly!
  2. Microsearch GeoLab 2001 can now import foreign-format data files directly. Both GPS and conventional (e.g. total station) data file formats are supported, and third-party developers can develop their own plug-in modules that GeoLab will automatically recognize and load at startup. All loaded formats are displayed using the new File/Imports menu.
  3. Network drawing efficiency has been increased dramatically (with immediate scrolling response, for example), and you can now export network drawings to bitmap or Windows metafile formats as well as the usual DXF format.
  4. The GeoLab Preferences dialog has been significantly expanded. A new option to specify the Windows execution priority for GeoLab has been added, which can improve processing speed significantly.
  5. GeoLab 2001 now supports network adjustments in local x, y coordinates (XY records).
  6. GeoLab's Geoid Manager interface has been substantially improved.
  7. GeoLab's Options dialog has been improved, now providing an "Apply" button so you can see the effects of options changes without closing the dialog, and new options were added to support the new features in GeoLab 2001.
  8. Station reordering is much more efficient now, and results in more efficient processing of large networks.
  9. GeoLab's toolbar is now more configurable, as well as more complete.
  10. Context help is much improved throughout Microsearch GeoLab 2001, and you will appreciate the new Help on the Web feature!
  11. Text files can now be opened in read-only mode, and text and network windows now have a more complete and useful context menu (right-click popup menus).
  12. GeoLab 2001 has a new and improved network drawing print-preview feature.
  13. The output of data in the User-Defined Station Data Lister dialog is more configurable now with the addition of a feature to specify numbers of decimal places in the output.
  14. An option was added to the Coordinate Observation Extraction dialog to output XYZ records and the corresponding covariance matrix in the CT system.
  15. A configurable "block size" for the main network adjustment and for coordinate and coordinate difference observations which will result in significant speed improvements for large networks.
  16. "Updates on the web" will optionally notify you periodically of any free updates, as well as major upgrades, for your installation of Microsearch GeoLab.
  17. The ability to move network window files, including the network drawing, from computer to computer.
  18. And much more. In addition, as with all large software packages, various bugs were eliminated in this new release of GeoLab 2001.