Safe Software Inc. announced it has added SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) export capability to its flagship data translation and transformation product FME (Feature Manipulation Engine).

This solution enables SVG 1.0 documents to be created directly from over 100 FME-supported formats and systems, including Oracle Spatial, ESRI Shape/Geodatabase/ArcSDE, Intergraph/Bentley DGN, MapInfo TAB/MIF/MID, and AutoCAD DWG/DXF.

"The new FME ability to take almost any GIS data and output it directly to SVG is very good news to web developers and map creators alike," said Andreas Neumann, a Research Assistant at the Swiss Federal Institute of Cartography, and Organizer of the first SVG Developer's conference. "With this new SVG support, FME will pave the way for wider use of SVG in mapping applications."